NOIR CITY 13: 'Til Death Do Us Part

Kelly Vance,

"Muller and his henchpersons have concocted a cinematic series built around the idea that women are and always have been entitled to their place in the shadows....The marriage-relationship-male-female theme not only lends itself to the essence of what we think of as noir—pipe dreams of happiness vs. the reality of squelched plans, heartbreak, and doom—but opens up one of noir's hottest subtexts, the one about love and how not to get it." READ MORE.

On Location with NOIR CITY 13: San Francisco Is the Shadowy Backdrop for Many of NOIR CITY 2014's Unholy Matrimony Stories.

Brian Darr,

"...[I]t's fitting that now, a year later, NOIR CITY is set to launch its most San Francisco-centric program since 2003. No fewer than eight of the twenty-five films screening at the Castro over the next week-and-a-half have key scenes set and/or shot in San Francisco or Monterey." READ MORE.

Restoration of 'Woman on the Run' Highlights NOIR CITY 13

G. Allen Johnson,

"The only known print of Woman on the Run was destroyed in a fire, and the film was thought to be lost forever.... But thanks to a bit of detective work, the Norman Foster-directed thriller that perhaps makes the best use of San Francisco locations of any film of its era is back." READ MORE.

Eddie Muller on NOIR CITY 13 and the Rescue of Woman on the Run

Sean Martinfield,

"NOIR CITY is the Ultimate in the getting out of the house and off the iPhone thing – and then watching a vintage film in a packed theatre that is also a bonafide movie palace." READ MORE.

NOIR CITY Celebrates Unholy Matrimony at This Year's Film Fest

Sura Wood,

"Marriage, the theme of the latest iteration of the San Francisco Film Noir Festival's NOIR CITY, might seem an unlikely topic for a genre that usually traffics in lust, larceny and murder. Viewers will find, however, that the 25 films that screen at the Castro Theatre over the course of 10 days and nights this month upend traditional notions of "till death do us part." READ MORE.

Alameda: NOIR CITY Film Festival Returns, Focuses on Marriage, Murder

Sura Wood, Contra Costa Times

"'The genre built on the idea of murder as a solution to a bad marriage in part because of the (Hayes) Production Code, which decreed that killing your spouse was OK, divorcing them was not' explained Noir Czar and longtime Alameda resident Eddie Muller, founder of the NOIR CITY Foundation and the festival's co-programmer. 'There was no couples therapy. Murder was the only way out.'" READ MORE.

NOIR CITY 13: Stock Up on Femmes Fatales

Sherilyn Connelly, SFWeekly

"As if the hard-boiled dicks and fatal femmes that populate film noir don't have enough hard luck as it is, now there's the fact that the annual Noir City Festival at the Castro is entering its 13th year." READ MORE.

Another Year, Another NOIR CITY

Corey McClendon-Brown, A Spectacle for Machines

"Relief floods over me as I realize the event of the year is approaching: the 13th annual NOIR CITY Film Festival." READ MORE.

NOIR CITY and Jewish Film Festival Compete for San Francisco Cinephiles, Meredith Brody, indieWIRE

Joan Fontaine, Poison, Marriage, and Murder: Saturday at NOIR CITY
Douglas Sirk Day at NOIR CITY

Lincoln Spector,

Opening Night of NOIR CITY 13, Laura Gabrielle Fowler,

NOIR CITY Opening Night, Keith Azoubel, Cinema Alley

Til Death Do Them Part, Tamo Amador, The Bay Area Reporter

Cinematic San Francisco: NOIR CITY, Peter Maravelis, San Francisco Public Library - What's on the 6th floor?

13th NOIR CITY Film Noir Festival Starts This Weekend, Ken Bullock, The Berkeley Daily Planet


NOIR CITY Screenings 1-12

→ View our complete list of films screened at NOIR CITY 1-12 here.

2013 NOIR CITY 11

NOIR CITY's 11th year festival kicked off with a tribute to guest of honor Peggy Cummins, legendary for her ferocious performance as outlaw Annie Laurie Starr in Gun Crazy. Read more.


NOIR CITY celebrated its tenth anniversary as the world's most popular film noir festival with a 10-day extravaganza featuring San Francisco treats, a Dashiell Hammett marathon, freshly preserved 35mm rarities, by-popular-demand encore screenings, and super special guest star ANGIE DICKINSON. Read more.

2011 NOIR CITY 9

NOIR CITY 9 audiences proved to be noir-nuts, packing the Castro Theatre for ten days and nights of wonderfully entertaining craziness. Loyal customers saw the ultimate payoff from their patronage: three brand new 35mm prints funded by the Film Noir Foundation: High Wall (1947), Loophole (1954), and The Hunted (1948). Read more.

2010 NOIR CITY 8

The 2010 NOIR CITY 8 at San Francisco's Castro Theatre broke its previous record for attendance. Many of the regular patrons declared that the 2010 edition of the world’s most popular film noir festival had the best “vibe” yet, as hundreds of loyal Bay Area attendees mixed with an amazing influx of out-of-state and international fans, in town for the festival’s duration. Read more.

2009 NOIR CITY 7

The theme of the NOIR CITY 7 running from January 23 through February 1, 2009, was Newspaper Noir, with many of the films set in the world of newspapers, publishing or radio. Programmers Eddie Muller and Anita Monga made a special effort to have NOIR CITY's nightly double bills reflect the traditional programming of theaters in the 1940s. Read more.

2008 NOIR CITY 6

Neither the brutally inclement weather, nor the traffic-stopping logistics of having Gus van Sant and (NC4 special guest) Sean P enn shooting a film right outside the theater could deter record crowds from packing the Castro Theatre during the 10-day festival spanning January 25 – February 3, 2008. Go here to read about the highlights of the NOIR CITY 6 including press links and photos..

2007 NOIR CITY 5

Held January 26 through February 4, 2007, NOIR CITY 5 saw more than 11,000 people attending the ten-day series at the Castro Theatre, establishing a new box office milestone for the festival. Go here to view NOIR CITY 5 photo and media coverage.

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NOIR CITY 13, January 16-25, Castro Theatre, San Francisco


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