Highlights of 2011 NOIR CITY 9

NOIR CITY 9 audiences proved to be noir-nuts, packing the Castro Theatre for ten days and nights of wonderfully entertaining craziness. Attendees came not just from San Francisco, but from across the United States and around the world. Loyal customers saw the ultimate payoff from their patronage: three brand new 35mm prints funded by the Film Noir Foundation: High Wall (1947), Loophole (1954), and The Hunted (1948). As always, NOIR CITY’s proceeds go towards future film preservation efforts, many of which are already in the works.

The Lady Gambles provided festival-goers a direct role in the FNF’s preservation efforts. Eddie Muller announced that the screening would be digitally projected from DVD, as a 35mm print was no longer available. After the film, Muller asked the audience to vote by applause if they thought the FNF should fund a new 35mm print. Thunderous applause provided the answer.

Prior to Stranger on the Third Floor, Judy Wyler Sheldon, daughter of director William Wyler and actress Margaret Tallichet (who costarred in Stranger) appeared onstage to introduce the film. Ms. Sheldon told of taking her parents to a screening of Stranger in the 1970's at a small film club in an S.F. apartment, much to the surprise of the event’s organizer!

Jazz chanteuse Laura Ellis and her band entertained guests at the Opening Night reception, and then for the entire Castro audience sang "Somewhere in the Night" after the intermission.

Fast-thinking fans snapped up the 12 available spaces for the inaugural Noir City Bus Tour, an all-afternoon excursion around San Francisco, complete with film clips, prowling locations used in Dark Passage, The Lady from Shanghai, Vertigo, as well as several of Dashiell Hammett's haunts. The Sunday outing concluded with an informal cocktail "seminar" at Tosca Cafe. Tour guides Eddie Muller and Miguel Pendas intimated that the tour will become a regularly-scheduled event.

NOIR CITY patrons sampled a variety of complimentary wine, beer and spirits over the course of the festival. Windsor Vineyards provided the custom label NOIR CITY 9 Wine. "The Big Sip" — from — poured Tough Dame Cabernet. Raymond Burr Vineyards and Marilyn Wines also provided an amazing selection of varietals and vintages. On the harder side, guests also tried Eagle Rare Bourbon and Rain Organic Vodka. Speakeasy Ales & Lagers provided the aptly named Payback Porter for Boys Night.

Last year Serena Bramble was presented with the FNF’s first “Endless Night” Prize, granted to young artists whose work, in any medium, “extends the ethos and allure of classic film noir into a new generation.” This year’s audiences watched her latest, San Francisco is the Scene of a Perfect Crime, a montage illustrating why San Francisco is NOIR CITY.

A short documentary filmed by Patrick Francis examining the FNF's preservation partnership with the UCLA Film and Television Archive was played several times.

A NOIR CITY tradition continued this year with Richard Hildreth’s video tribute to recently deceased artists who’d left a mark in film noir.

This year Passport holders who attended all 12 double bills were invited to cast ballots for the Best of the Fest “Roscoe Awards.” The results can be found here.

Here is photographer David Allen’s gallery of great NOIR CITY moments.

"I'd long wanted to see Stranger on the Third Floor because of its status as a noir pioneer and it was great to hear Margaret Tallichet's daughter speak about her mom, dad, and the film. Moreover, it's great to see these films on a large screen in the kind of theater where they were meant to be seen."
—Stephen Martin

"I was there on Saturday night and astonished at the turnout. You do good work, my friend!"
—Julie Rivett (Dashiell Hammett's granddaughter)

"One of my favorite audience memories so far was watching Don't Bother to Knock on the big screen and noticing how intensely silent it would get whenever Marilyn was on screen ... she and Barbara [Stanwyck] still pack quite a punch!"
—Amy Sullivan

"Wow .... a whole evening of Ryan Insanity and free vodka at NOIR CITY... thanks Eddie! I thought I was going to have a seizure [during Beware My Lovely] ... my dad was SO CREEPY in that movie ... I can't believe I never saw it before!"
—Lisa Ryan

"Flew all day from NYC and made it to Friday's show in time to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful Castro Theater, the organ music, sitting in a balcony to see a movie for the first time since 1960-something, the verrry cool noir video and its music (I brought two young friends along who knew nothing about noir and who especially liked this video), and your witty horse-racing intro. And of course, the chance to see noir on a big screen surrounded by a crown of passionate, responsive people! Thanks for your great work!"
—Tom Tyler

"Friday night's double bill was superb! Crashout and Loophole. What a one-two punch!"
—Bruce Horner

"Once again I have to thank you for a wonderful event. Already can't wait for next year! Keep Miss NOIR CITY 9 for next year. Dazzling!!"
—Hal Belden

"Best quote from The Lady Gambles last night: "It's noisy, confusing, and ... just a little dirty." I actually wrote that down in the bathroom of the Castro for future use."


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