The 2006 Noir City Film Festival

By all measures, NOIR CITY 4, held January 13-26, 2006, in San Francisco, was a colossal success! Huge thanks to our various sponsors, especially Fox Home Entertainment, for helping makes the 2006 version of the nation's most popular film noir festival the most spectacular yet.

IF YOU WERE THERE, here are some memories—if not, here's some of what you missed:

In addition to all the fantastic guest appearances, some of the highlights from NOIR CITY 4 included:

The Tuesday night double bill of Crime Without Passion and The Scoundrel, films whose mordant wit and innovative visual style (this was 1934?) completely dazzled the audience;

A packed house -almost 1,000 people - for the Wednesday night co-feature of The Man Who Cheated Himself and Thieves Highway, co-presented by the SF Film Society;

A captivated crowd enjoying a gorgeous print of 1953's B-movie masterpiece, The City That Never Sleeps, on loan to the festival from Martin Scorsese's private collection;

The appreciative audience bursting into applause at the start of Nobody Lives Forever and The Window, when the title "This Print Funded by the Film Noir Foundation" appeared on the screen. NOIR CITY is presented under the auspices of that non-profit enterprise, which is "dedicated to rescuing and restoring America's Noir heritage." For more information, click here.

And, of course, it was amazing to see the mix of fans, noir veterans and virgins alike, mingling in the Palace of Fine Arts lobby (christened the "Noir City Nightclub") to the fabulous live jazz of the Johnny Nocturne Noir Combo and the Marcus Shelby Trio. People came to NOIR CITY not just from the Bay Area, not just from around the state, but from places as far as Seattle, Los Angeles, Vancouver, BC, Chicago, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Detroit, New York—;and even England, Belgium, and Sweden! (That'd be Harold Carlsson, nicknamed "The Swede," the 2006 titleholder for Furthest Distance Traveled for the Love of Noir. He saw every movie screened.)

Thanks again to all the great fans, volunteers, and sponsors who made this year's NOIR CITY so memorable.

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