NOIR CITY X, the 10th Annual San Francisco Film Noir Foundation, presented by the Film Noir Foundation

The world's most popular film noir festival, NOIR CITY will return for its eleventh incarnation, January 25 – February 3, 2013. Film noir devotees, as well as noir novices, will spend ten glorious days and nights watching double features the way they were meant to be seen—on the big screen, in lustrous 35mm, in one of America's greatest original movie palaces, San Francisco's historic Castro Theatre.

As always, the Film Noir Foundation will be presenting both celebrated classics of the genre, as well as wonderful rarities—29 films in all—including three brand new 35mm restorations funded by the Film Noir Foundation—and the noir-lovers of San Francisco! The highlight of the opening weekend will be the onstage appearance of a special guest responsible for one of the genre's most legendary performances. It will also feature the world premiere of the FNF's freshly completed restoration of Try and Get Me! (1950), with other restorations and preservations slated throughout the event.

On the closing weekend, fans will again have the opportunity to time-travel to the 1940s with the return of the NOIR CITY Nightclub, Saturday night, February 2, 2013. Revelers will enjoy cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and a sensational lineup of live entertainment in a posh vintage venue—the Regency Lodge. And don't fret, festival screenings are timed so you can attend the nightclub without missing any of the films!

Full series Passports and Nightclub tickets go on sale the first week of the December. Proceeds from the festival help fund the FNF's preservation efforts year round, so it's your chance to both have a smashing time and help preserve a uniquely American art form.

For a look at last year's NOIR CITY and the NOIR CITY X Nightclub event, Everyone Comes to Eddie's , view FNF photographer David M. Allen's photo albums HERE.



Here comes Christmas—NOIR CITY style!  Join us Wednesday night, December 19 at San Francisco's majestic Castro Theatre for the Film Noir Foundation's 3rd Annual NOIR CITY XMAS show! Our Yule double bill pairs the über-unusual The Lady in the Lake (1947), a subjective camera adaption of Raymond Chandler's novel, set during the holidays, and the sweet-tart Holiday Affair (1949) with noir icon Robert Mitchum hot on the trail of nubile Janet Leigh.

The evening will also feature the unveiling of the full schedule for NOIR CITY 11, the spectacular new NOIR CITY poster, and the latest Ms. NOIR CITY herself!

→ Purchase tickets at Brown Paper Tickets.


949, RKO, dir. Don Hartman. 87 min.

7:30 PM

Big bad Bob Mitchum is on the run from one of his RKO noir thrillers when he gets a job as house dick at a department store and busts adorable Janet Leigh, who's spying for the competition. Okay, it's not noir—it's a warm and witty romantic Christmas movie minus all the sappy sentiment. Hey, a little love never killed anybody! 


MGM, dir. Robert Montgomery. 105 min.

9:30 PM

Private eye Philip Marlowe spends his holiday tangled up in mystery and murder! Star Montgomery playfully directs one of the weirdest experiments in Hollywood history, filming Raymond Chandler's thorny tale entirely from Marlowe's POV. Truly unique and presented in its original 35mm glory!

NOIR CITY Accomodations

If you're an out-of-towner looking for lodging in the City by the Bay, or you're a local looking to turn a night at the festival into a romantic getaway, our colleagues at the Prescott Hotel have an offer you can't refuse: a special nightly rate of $145 (before taxes) exclusively for NOIR CITY 11 attendees.

This boutique hotel, located only two blocks from Union Square and housed in the city's original Press Club, possesses a vintage feel and is only a short ride by Metro or taxi from the Castro Theatre. The Prescott will be providing classic film noir entertainment to its guests at their nightly wine hour throughout the festival as well as a 20% discount on meals at the adjacent (and acclaimed) Postrio restaurant.

→ Visit the Prescott website for more information on this great rate or to book a room.

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NOIR CITY Annual #4Ready for an entertaining read and a chance to help preserve film noir? The NOIR CITY ANNUAL #4 is available here, and it's the finest edition yet. 328 pages of essays, interviews, profiles, tributes, and reviews of classic and modern film noirs, illustrated with exceptional photographs. This volume includes some of the best features from the 2011 NOIR CITY quarterly e-magazine, as well as new never-before-seen material. Included are pieces from Eddie Muller, Vince Keenan, Imogen Sara Smith, Jake Hinkson, Mark Fertig, Marc Svetov, and many more. All for the low price of $25.

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